September 1st, 2013


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A compilation of top 10+ Grigoriy Nedelko's songs. Including a single "The Hedgehog Song" based on an idea of fantasy and humoristic writer Terry Pratchett. The original cover drawn by the author is also available. «All the tracks are recorded, modernized, chosen and published for your enjoying». Nice time to the auditory!

Produced by Grigoriy Nedelko

2013 (c) Grigoriy Nedelko and GANnery Records

Country: Russia
Quality: Mp3, 64 kbps 44 kHz, stereo
Total time: 43:32

1. Hard Rockin' Baby 5:03
2. The Hedgehog Song 4:02
3. (Sound of a) Good Guitar [Acoustic version] 3:14
4. Let Them All Hear 4:30
5. Eto nash rok-n-roll! 4:37
6. Dal'nyaya doroga k vechnomy schast'u 3:35
7. Jizn' bez tebya 2:42
8. What You Choose 4:53
9. Name 4 2:50
10. Showmaker 4:15
11. (Sound of a) Good Guitar [Electric version] (Bonus track) 3:43

[Tracks are taken from the current low-bit albums. (In order of recording.)
"A": 10.
"B-side": 8., 9.
"Rockin' Conception": 1., 2., 6.
"IIII": 3., 5., 7.
"Let Them All Hear": 4., 11.]

Electric guitar, vocals, percussion, special effects - Grigoriy Nedelko


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Artist/Composer: Grigoriy Nedelko
Date: 2013-08-31
Language: eng, rus
Keywords: hard; hard rock; rock; punk rock; romantic hard rock; romantic rock; romantic; psychedelic; psychedelic rock; surrealistic;surrealistic rock; metal; heavy metal; progressive; progressive rock; house rock; garage rock; fantasy rock; dance rock; experimental rock; mystical rock; post-modernism; grigoriy nedelko

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