September 16th, 2013

TRUE (SINGLE) - 2nd one from "Let Them All Hear" album


Few info and statistics as always: 2nd single from Grigoriy Nedelko's hard rock handmade album "Let Them All Hear", 5th full and 1st double. Includes songs "True" itself - hard rock and melodic hard rock - and "Sustain of Love" - blues rock and romantic hard rock. Сurrent single contains both tracks given in low bit (64 kbps) and high bit (320 kbps) rate as well as original album will be published, first in the author's practice.

(All tracks in all three planned singles are corrected and updated.)

Produced by Grigoriy Nedelko

2013 (c) Grigoriy Nedelko and GANnery Records

Country: Russia
Quality: Mp3, 64 kbps 44 kHz, stereo; Mp3, 320 kbps 44 kHz, stereo
Total time: 15:56

1. True [High 320 kbps rate] 3:58
2. Sustain of Love [High 320 kbps rate] 3:50
3. True [Low 64 kbps rate] 3:58
4. Sustain of Love [Low 64 kbps rate] 3:50

[The tracks are taken from "Let Them All Hear" album.]

Electric guitar, vocals, special effects - Grigoriy Nedelko


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Artist/Composer: Grigoriy Nedelko
Date: 2013-09-16
Language: English
Keywords: hard rock; rock; hard 'n' heavy; metal; heavy metal; melodic hard rock; blues; blues rock; eclectic; post-modernism; solo;improvisations; rock 'n' roll; single; romantic hard rock; romantic rock; romantic; psychedelic; surrealistic; rhythm 'n' blues

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