September 23rd, 2013


[Это он.]

cover Disc I
cover Disc II

Handmade double album. The best of Grigoriy Nedelko. Full version with bonus tracks. High and low bit. "It was being made for a long but interesting time. Nice time to you too, dear people! Sincerely yours, the author" [GAN about "LTAH".]

Produced by Grigoriy Nedelko

2013 (c) Grigoriy Nedelko and GANnery Records

Country: Russia
Quality: Mp3, 320 kbps 44 kHz, stereo; Mp3, 64 kbps 44 kHz, stereo.
Total time: 76:04

Track-listing (for both versions - high is the first, low is after it):
1-0. Disc One 0:01
1-1. Slide It In It [Instrumental intro] 0:57
1-2. Let Them All Hear 4:31
1-3. Ideya na vetru 3:26
1-4. Chistoe serdce 3:25
1-5. Boi idet davno 4:43
1-6. Nakazanie 4:09
1-7. Let's Play Around 4:58
1-8. Kalendarnie dni 7:49
2-0. Disc Two 0:01
2-1. Doctor Pause 3:55
2-2. Ispoved' geroya 4:08
2-3. Sustain of Love 3:50
2-4. Krug 3:41
2-5. (Sound of a) Good Guitar [Overdriven version] 3:43
2-6. The Best Time 4:21
2-7. (It's a) Right Way 4:01
2-8. True 3:58
2-9. Calling the Earth [Instrumental outro] 2:22
3+. Let's Play Around [Bonus first version] 4:40
4+. (Sound of a) Good Guitar [Bonus clean version] 3:14

Electric guitar, slider, harmonica, percussion, special effects, samples, vocals, translation, painting - Grigoriy Nedelko



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Artist/Composer: Grigoriy Nedelko
Date: 2013-09-23
Language: eng; rus
Keywords: hard; hard rock; metal, heavy metal; programming; fantasy; mystical; electronic rock; electronic; drums; double album;handmade; soundtrack; cover version; high bit; low bit; jazz rock; eclectic; eclectic rock; co-authors; trip-hop; melodic; melodic hard rock; melodic rock; classic rock; hard 'n' heavy; garage rock; pop rock; ballad; album; full album; disc I; disc II; the best of; allusions; post-modernism; solo; improvisations; experimental; rock 'n' roll; single; romantic hard rock; romantic rock; romantic; english; russian;humoristic; serious; psychedelic; surrealistic; rhythm 'n' blues; punk; punk rock; deep purple; led zeppelin; translation; psychedelic rock; surrealistic rock; progressive; progressive rock; house rock; fantasy rock; dance rock; experimental rock; mystical rock; grigoriy nedelko

Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0