May 12th, 2014


Artist: Obsolete Broadcast Systeme
title: Megalopolis by OBS 1
cat: {L0BIT07}
keywords: fat music, bad ass bass, phat synths, modern industrial, hammer beats, acid, lobit, melody, in your face broadcasting, technology, traveling, alternative, electronic, techno, experimental
label: L0BIT

Megalopolis (03:28)
Haste (01:25)
Shangai Mantra (03:11)
Technate (08:24)

Lady's and gentle people, here we have it!
L0BIT is very, very proud to present this exclusive hit release:

created with the magical touch of the legendary O.B.S.
who this time goes for a complete different approach of rocking out!
Here we hear our hero using the fattest and baldest batboys of synth abused
to give us the lobit hits that we had all been waiting for!
He brings us the fattiest sounds and teams them up with bombastic beats, classical winks,
deep accentuating pleasures that will do it's best to get you all excited again!
O.B.S. moves with haste through the phatiness, traveling through the modern towns,
through the asian corner shops armed with a hammer and of course to the modern center of technology! Here we meet the acid experiments that teams up with science of cybernetic industrial workouts! This is O..B.S. all assembled, touched up and refreshed with wobbling talking baselines,
total bigness, delivering a hell of an epic new chapter never seen before in the 64 kbps rate!
This release is not just called Megalopolis, it IS MEGAlopolis!
L0BIT (the obit musick label)