Half-album (#7), half-compilation (of early electronic recordings). Low bit, easy program. There are original things, co-created items, different versions and covers - it's all in the informational text. The genres are nearly still the same, also here are other tunes. Listen, download, have good emotions! (Author)

Produced by Grigoriy Nedelko

2013 (c) Grigoriy Nedelko and GANnery Records

Country: Russia
Quality: Mp3, 64 kbps 44 kHz, stereo; Midi
Total time: 27:16

1. He Won't Stay (Nedelko, Hovdey) 0:54
2. Ya ooedoo na Severnyy Polus (Nedelko, Hovdey) 2:50
3. Life Without You [2nd version] 4:02
4. Dived In the Sands [Original version] 4:16
5. Knight of the Bagpipe [Fast version] (Traditional, Nedelko) 1:22
6. Hopes and Changes 2:54
7. Storm of Souls (Hovdey, Nedelko) 2:56
8. Knight of the Bagpipe [Middle temp version] (Traditional, Nedelko) 1:44
9. Dived In the Sands [Nedelko and Hovdey version] 2:56
10. Life Without You [1st version] 3:22

Files are midi except track 5 (mp3).

The music is made and arranged by Grigoriy Nedelko except pointed tracks.


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Artist/Composer: Grigoriy Nedelko
Date: 2013-09-01
Language: eng, rus
Keywords: electronic rock; electronic; rock; hard rock; metal; heavy metal; romantic; romantic rock; folk; folk rock; co-autjors;arranges; alpha versions; beta versions; demo versions; final versions; covers; solo; experimental; music; audio; low bit; midi; mp3;grigoriy nedelko; album #7; early recordings; half-compilation; half-album

Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0



cover of

A compilation of top 10+ Grigoriy Nedelko's songs. Including a single "The Hedgehog Song" based on an idea of fantasy and humoristic writer Terry Pratchett. The original cover drawn by the author is also available. «All the tracks are recorded, modernized, chosen and published for your enjoying». Nice time to the auditory!

Produced by Grigoriy Nedelko

2013 (c) Grigoriy Nedelko and GANnery Records

Country: Russia
Quality: Mp3, 64 kbps 44 kHz, stereo
Total time: 43:32

1. Hard Rockin' Baby 5:03
2. The Hedgehog Song 4:02
3. (Sound of a) Good Guitar [Acoustic version] 3:14
4. Let Them All Hear 4:30
5. Eto nash rok-n-roll! 4:37
6. Dal'nyaya doroga k vechnomy schast'u 3:35
7. Jizn' bez tebya 2:42
8. What You Choose 4:53
9. Name 4 2:50
10. Showmaker 4:15
11. (Sound of a) Good Guitar [Electric version] (Bonus track) 3:43

[Tracks are taken from the current low-bit albums. (In order of recording.)
"A": 10.
"B-side": 8., 9.
"Rockin' Conception": 1., 2., 6.
"IIII": 3., 5., 7.
"Let Them All Hear": 4., 11.]

Electric guitar, vocals, percussion, special effects - Grigoriy Nedelko


This audio is part of the collection: Community Audio
It also belongs to collection:

Artist/Composer: Grigoriy Nedelko
Date: 2013-08-31
Language: eng, rus
Keywords: hard; hard rock; rock; punk rock; romantic hard rock; romantic rock; romantic; psychedelic; psychedelic rock; surrealistic;surrealistic rock; metal; heavy metal; progressive; progressive rock; house rock; garage rock; fantasy rock; dance rock; experimental rock; mystical rock; post-modernism; grigoriy nedelko

Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0


[GHR-017] Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde - Leaving Marrakech

Great Hedgehogs' Records netlabel presents:

Instrumental / Art-rock / Blues
96 kbps mp3
2005, Ukraine, Simferopol
All instruments (guitars, sinthesizer, programming) - Maxim Khorsun

1. Leaving Marrakech
2. Midnight Autumn Dream
Total: 7:35

Все инструменты (гитары, синтезатор, программирование) - Максим Хорсун
1. Покидая Марракеш
2. Сон в осеннюю ночь (play) | Zip (5.3 mb) | [GHR-017]

C4 - Big Music (TOTF47)

Top Of The Flops proudly presents its its 47th release!!

artist: C4 (the legendary one!)
title: Big Music
keywords: awesomeness! Electronica, Rave, Lobit, melodies!

1 Centralize
2 The Girl I Love Is Nameless

runtime: A freaking life time!!


publishing notes by the management team of TOTF:
Top Of The Flops is Back!! It has been a huge while, and we desperately hope you have missed your favourite lobit label! But don't worry any further as we are here to celebrate with a hot new release by nobody less than the one and only legendary lobit hero! The name must ring many bells, and TOTF is very proud and pleased to release this master piece of someone who is in hiding, went deeper underground to say the least.. and provided us through a well trained postal pigeon a already extraordinairy masterpiece of a fresh and new hot electronica record! This lady's and gentle people is why we have fighted to get our site back from the evil corporations who ate the Top Of The Flops passwords! This is why we are still very much alive and kicking! This is a fine historic day dear lobit listeners! This is the wonderful return of Top Of The Flops with the amazing return of The extraordinairy !!



Yes!! C4! aka Adam Crammond, DJ Madam Adam, and his other large compagnionship Graffiti Mechanism has returned to the stage of Top Of The Flops!
and what does this mean dear lobit lovers? This means pure outrageous sexy electronic music that only C4 could produce! Full of love, full of pleasure, full of rave, full of dance, full of contagious hypnotic beats, melodies and a soulful soul! You must be OUT OF YOUR MIND to miss this as this is bloody helly good stuff!

For more awesomeness in a lobit format please visit:

microbit project - KaossTrip (Tribute To Kaossilator Mini)


artist: microbit project
Album: KaossTrip (Tribute To Kaossilator Mini)
Recorded: 2010–2011
Note: All Sounds Of this Album from phrase synthesizer Kaossilator (Yellow version)
Release: July 2013
Label: Unicode Music
Cat.: UM015
Style: Lobit, Kaosstronic
Digital quality: MP3, 32 kbps, 11 Hz
Time: 55:33

Download Album
Unicode Music


1. nanomorning (4:44)
2. kaochill (11:06)
3. Igor nanosong (3:05)
4. kaojazz-A (8:22)
5. morning cat (6:24)
6. nanonight (4:39)
7. nano theme (3:30)
8. kaojazz-B (4:06)
9. nanolife (once) (4:37)

[GHR-016] Avs_Silvester - MUSHROOM-Metal

Mushroom Metal-1

Progressive-rock / Psychedelic-metal / Experimental
96 kbps mp3

21.07.2013, Yekaterinburg
All instruments (guitars, sinthesizer, tambourine, block flute, harp, PlazmaSound continuum emulator, underpants' rubble) - Andrey Skorobogatov
Concept, cover artwork - Dmitry Bogutsky

1. Clean Eyes of Ryazan Grebes 01:47
2. Edible Mushroom Dreams 02:34
3. Lophophore Beef Stroganoff 02:12
4. Holocaust of Roasted Toadstools with Menthol 01:57
Total: 8:30

Все инструменты (гитары, синтезатор, бубен, блок-флейта, губная гармошка, PlazmaSound эмулятор, резинка от трусов) - Андрей Скоробогатов.
Концепт, обложка - Дмитрий Cizerot Богуцкий

1. Чистые глаза рязанских поганок
2. Съедобные грибные мечты
3. Лофофора Бефстроганов
4. Холокост жареных мухоморов с ментолом.
LJ (play) | Zip (6.1 Mb) | [GRH-016]

SPNet116 - Avs_Silvester & Toxic Chicken - Toxic Chicken and Great Hedgehogs

2013, Russia/Thailand
80 kbps - 17 minutes 53 seconds
File under: Experimental Electronic/Space-rock

01 - Avs_Silvester & Toxic Chicken - Great Hedgehogs in the Chicken Coup (3:01)
02 - Avs_Silvester & Toxic Chicken - Enmity of Hedgehogs and Chicken (2:51)
03 - Avs_Silvester & Toxic Chicken - Friendship of Hedgehogs and Chicken (2:26)
04 - Avs_Silvester & Toxic Chicken - Toxic Chicken in the Forest of Hedgehogs (2:22)
05 - Avs_Silvester - Velvet Underpants of Great Hedgehogs (bonus) (2:43)
06 - Toxic Chicken - Song Kran Day For Chickens & Hedgehogs & Everybody Else (2:25)
07 - Avs_Silvester - Velvet Underpants of Great Hedgehogs (bonus) (Covolux remix) (2:05)

Toxic Chicken - Samples, drums, programming
Andrey Skorobogatov - Gutars, harp, block-fluit

Download( | mirror

Russia's Avs_Silvester and Thailand's Toxic Chicken present a collection of funky psychedelic music straight from the Eastern Hemisphere!  The first four collaborative tracks are a churning mass of life, consisting of Toxic Chicken's unique brand of quirky minimal electronic music accompanied by Avs_Silvester cranking out psychedelic guitar riffs.  The result is original, infectious, and highly recommended.  Includes three bonus tracks.

Соавторская работа А.Скоробогатова (Avs_Silvester, Екатеринбург) и Карела де Гойде (Toxic Chicken, Нидерланды/Тайланд), повествующая о вражде, дружбе и вельветовых трусах Токсичных Цыплят и Великих Ежей.

Avs_Silvester on Bandcamp
Toxic Chicken by e-mail

Do you love this release so much that you need a physical copy to flaunt to all of your friends?  Please visit where you can purchase this and all our other titles!

[SPTOtfSP030] - EugeneKha - A-Tape Performance (Disc 1)


artist: EugeneKha
release: A-Tape Performance 2013-03-03(Disc 1)
format: floppy disk contains mp3
keywords: Live Lobit Ambient, Floppy Music
quality: mp3, 16 kbps 8Hz, stereo
time: 8:33


Album notes:
Live Recorded 2013-03-03.
Live Setup: Roland JV-1080, Roland JV-1010, Kawai K1m, Fostex VF 80 (8-track Digital recorder), Fostex X-14 (4-track Tape Cassette Recorder)

EugeneKha Page

[thar029] microbit project - Android Dreams

artist: microbit project
album: Android Dreams
label\ date: Tharoop Records (Finland) || 2013
Keywords: Lobit Acid, Minimal
Quality\ time: 32 kbps mp3 || 13:18
note: Live Recorded 2013-05-10 with RD3HD for Android Tablet.


Album Setup:
Hardware: Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P5100
Software : RD3HD (Synth, sequencer and drum-machine)
Recorders: Orion Platinum, Audacity.